Chahiye in English: 8 Examples Explained

Chahiye is a word in Hindi language. Direct meaning of word “Chahiye” is “need” or “is required”. Below we’ll discuss various examples of using this word in Hindi and along with their meaning. Or Kuch Chahiye? in English The meaning of “Or kuch chahiye?” in English is “Do you need anything else?”. This is a … Read more

I Thought You Are Busy Meaning in Telugu

The meaning of “I thought you are busy” in Telugu is “Nuvvu panilō unnāvanukunna” or “mīru panilō unnāranukunnā”. Literal meaning of the sentence is something like this “nēnu anukunnā nuvvu panilō unnāvani” or “nēnu anukunnā mīru panilō vunnārani” Since there is “are” in the sentence it means that they thought you are currently “busy”, not … Read more

Directions in Telugu

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In this post, you will learn how to pronounce different directions in Telugu. We call a direction in Telugu language as diśa (దిశ) or dikku (దిక్కు). List of Directions in Telugu Directions in English Directions in Telugu In Telugu Script East tūrpu తూర్పు  West paḍamara … Read more

Names of the Vegetables in Telugu

If you are going to a market in Andhra or Telangana, most likely they may not understand English names of those vegetable names. So, in this post, I will list the English vegetable names and their Telugu versions. Vegetable Name Name of the Vegetable in Telugu In Telugu Script Eggplant / Brinjal vaṅkāya వంకాయ Potato … Read more

Seasons, Months, Weekdays and Time in Telugu

In this page we will discuss Seasons, Months, Weekdays and Time related words in Telugu. Seasons In Telugu, a season is called as r̥tuvu (ఋతువు) derived from Sanskrit. We derive the seasons of Telugu from Hindu scriptures. We have 6 seasons or r̥tuvulu. (Note: The “lu” at the end of r̥tuvu indicates the multiplicity.) Season … Read more