Chahiye in English: 8 Examples Explained

Chahiye is a word in Hindi language. Direct meaning of word “Chahiye” is “need” or “is required”. Below we’ll discuss various examples of using this word in Hindi and along with their meaning.

Or Kuch Chahiye? in English

The meaning of “Or kuch chahiye?” in English is “Do you need anything else?”. This is a question that is usually put up at the end of an enquiry type conversation by the person who is answering your questions.

For example, you are in a bank and asking questions to a bank employee about the process of opening a bank account. At the end of answering all your questions, that employee may ask you, “Or kuch chahiye?”.

A shop keeper may also ask you this question after giving you all the products you wanted, to check if you need some other product.

Karna Chahiye in English

The meaning of “Karna Chahiye” is “Should do it”. “Karna” means “doing” For example, “Subhe snan karna chahiye”, meaning “Bath should be done in the morning”.

Sometimes, people add “tha” after “karna chahiye”, while talking about the actions that have already taken place in the past. For example, “Apko subhe hi snan karna chahiye tha”, which means that “You should have taken bath in the morning itself”.

Another example is, “Apko aisa karna chahiye tha”, meaning, “You should have done it like this”. Like what? It will be explained either before that sentence or after.

Mujhe Jawab Chahiye in English

The meaning of “Mujhe Jawab Chahiye” is “I need an answer”. Here, “Mujhe” is me, “Jawab” is “answer”. This is an aggressive statement, used when you are frustrated to get an answer from someone, so use it mindfully.

Mujhe Help Chahiye in English

You can easily guess this, as this almost similar to the earlier one. The meaning of “Mujhe help chahiye” is “I need help”. Another variation could be, “Mujhe apka thoda help chahiye”, meaning, “I need small help from you”.

Chahiye Tha in English

The meaning of “Chahiye tha” is “I wanted that”. Here, “tha”, which usually used in past tense, indicates that he was longing for it from before. People use this phrase when something is lost which they need along with other words. For example, “Arrey mujhe woh chahiye tha”, meaning, “Oh man, I wanted that”.

Hona Chahiye in English

The meaning of “Hona Chahiye” is “It should be”. For example, you asked your friend, “Will banks be open on Saturday?”. He may reply you saying “hona chahiye”, meaning, “Bank should be open on Saturday”. “Hona” means “being in possession of something”.

Nahi Hona Chahiye in English

“Nahi Hona Chahiye” is an opposite word of “Hona Chahiye”. The meaning of “Nahi Hona Chahiye” is “It shouldn’t happen”.

Kya Chahiye in English

Meaning of “Kya Chahiye” is “What do you need?”. Here, “Kya” means “what”. People use this phrase to initiate the conversation. You may go to a grocery story and the shop keeper may ask you “Apko kya chahiye”, here “Apko” is a respectful word of saying “You”.