How to Say Hello or Hi in Telugu

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In this article, we will learn how to greet someone in Telugu whom you just met or started the conversation. Nowadays Telugu people also use hi and hello only, but when they meet someone respected they use below greetings.

WordIn Telugu ScriptMeaning
namastēనమస్తే Obeisances, when you met elders
namaskāraṁనమస్కారం Obeisances, when you met elders (mostly used)
daṇḍālayyāదండాలయ్యా Obeisances, villagers use this word to greet someone respected
dhan’yavādaṁధన్యవాదంObeisances, when you met elders

Telugu spoken people often use the word Namastē or Namaskāraṁ when they are wishing elderly or respected people. There are alternatives to Namastē, those are Dhan’yavādaṁ (singular form) or dhan’yavādamulu (plural form). Also, Daṇḍālu, mostly used in rural places. Daṇḍālayya, is a combination of two words, Daṇḍālu and Ayya. Here, Ayya means father or someone who is respected person. All of these words mean to obeisances, often with folding hands.

But most suited one for today’s age, especially while you are talking to others is Namastē.

Don’t use Namastē for your friends or very closed ones, they may think you came from the past in a time machine :).

Also, it sounds more pleasing when you prefix the subject to whom you are referring to, for example, if you are wishing to your father-in-law, you may say “Namastē Māvayya”. Check more relations in Relations in Telugu article.

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