Relations in Telugu

Telugu relations are so complicated. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you family relationship names in English to Telugu. Below is the exhaustive list of relations in the Telugu language. Some of them you can directly use to refer them. But some of them we use only when we are talking to someone else. I hope it will be useful for you when you are interacting with your relatives and help you understand the relationships in Telugu in better way.

Relation names that you can directly use to call family members

Below are the relation names that we usually use directly to call the family member. Remember that, for some of these relations if the person you are calling is elder to you, and if you want to call them with utmost respect, gāru at the end.

RelationPronounced asWritten as
Elder BrotherPedda Annayyaపెద్ద అన్నయ్య
Elder Brother’s WifeVadinaవదిన
Younger BrotherTam’muḍuతమ్ముడు
Youngest BrotherChinna Tam’muḍuచిన్న తమ్ముడు
Elder SisterPeddakkaపెద్దక్క
Elder Sister (but not the Eldest)Chinnakkaచిన్నక్క
Younger SisterChelliచెల్లి
Sister’s HusbandBāvaబావ
Spouse’s MotherAttayyaఅత్తయ్య
Spouse’s FatherMāvayyaమావయ్య
Spouse’s Elder BrotherBāvaబావ
Spouse’s Elder SisterVadinaవదిన
Mother’s MotherAm’mam’maఅమ్మమ్మ
Father’s MotherNāyanam’maనాయనమ్మ
Father’s MotherNānam’maనానమ్మ
Father’s MotherMām’maమామ్మ
Mother’s BrotherMāvayyaమావయ్య
Wife of Mother’s BrotherAttayyaఅత్తయ్య
Father’s Elder BrotherPeddanānnaపెద్దనాన్న
Wife of Father’s Elder BrotherPeddam’maపెద్దమ్మ
Wife of Father’s Elder BrotherDoḍḍam’maదొడ్డమ్మ
Father’s Younger BrotherChinnānnaచిన్నాన్న
Father’s Younger BrotherBābāyiబాబాయి
Wife of Father’s Younger BrotherPinniపిన్ని
Daughter’s HusbandAlluḍuఅల్లుడు
Son/Daughter’s Spouse’s FatherBāvaబావ
Son/Daughter’s Spouse’s Mother if older than youAkkaఅక్క
Son/Daughter’s Spouse’s Mother if younger than youChelliచెల్లి
Mother’s Younger SisterPinniపిన్ని
Mother’s Elder SisterDoḍḍam’maదొడ్డమ్మ
Husband of Mother’s Elder SisterPeddanānnaపెద్దనాన్న
Husband of Mother’s Younger SisterChinnānnaచిన్నాన్న
Father’s SisterAttayyaఅత్తయ్య
Husband of Father’s SisterMāvayyaమావయ్య

In this, Ēmaṇḍī is not exactly Husband, it is just a respectful word, often used by ladies to call their husband. You can also use this word to call someone unknown when you do not know the name of the person, just calling Ēmaṇḍī will do.

Below are the relation names that we never use them to directly call a family member. They may be used when someone referring them as 3rd person.

RelationPronounced asWritten as
Sister’s SonMēnalluḍuమేనల్లుడు
Sister’s DaughterMēnakōḍaluమేనకోడలు
Mother’s Brother’s Daughter who is younger to youMaradaluమరదలు
Father’s Sister’s Daughter who is younger to youMaradaluమరదలు
Spouse’s Younger SisterMaradaluమరదలు
Son’s WifeKōḍaluకోడలు
Son/Daugher’s SonManavaḍuమనవడు
Son/Daugher’s DaugherManavarāluమనవరాలు
Husband’s SisterVadinaఆడపడుచు
Spouse’s Younger BrotherMaridiమరిది
Son/Daughter’s Spouse’s FatherViyyaṅkuḍuవియ్యంకుడు
Son/Daughter’s Spouse’s MotherViyyaṅkurāluవియ్యంకురాలు
Younger Brother’s WifeMaradaluమరదలు
Mother’s BrotherMēnamāvaమేనమావ
Wife of Mother’s BrotherMēnattaమేనత్త