How to Say Hello or Hi in Telugu

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In this article, we will learn how to greet someone in Telugu whom you just met or started the conversation. Nowadays Telugu people also use hi and hello only, but when they meet someone respected they use below greetings. Word In Telugu Script Meaning namastē … Read more

How To Say Thank You In Telugu

Being thankful to people and expressing it in return is the best way to convey the gratitude. After the invasion of English, even in most remote places of Telugu speaking states, many people have started saying thank you in English. But how to say thank you in Telugu itself? The exact meaning of “Thank you” … Read more

Numbers in Telugu

Below are the numbers in Telugu language. Number Pronounced as Written as 1 okaṭi  ఒకటి  2 reṇḍu  రెండు  3 mūḍu మూడు 4 nālugu  నాలుగు  5 aidu  ఐదు  6 āru ఆరు 7 ēḍu ఏడు 8 enimidi ఎనిమిది 9 tom’midi తొమ్మిది 10 padi పది 11 padakoṇḍu  పదకొండు  12 panneṇḍu  పన్నెండు  13 padamūḍu  పదమూడు  14 padnālugu  పద్నాలుగు  15 … Read more

Relations in Telugu

Telugu relations are so complicated. In this post, I’ll be sharing with you family relationship names in English to Telugu. Below is the exhaustive list of relations in the Telugu language. Some of them you can directly use to refer them. But some of them we use only when we are talking to someone else. … Read more